Fin5 2020 Orienteering Week will be organized in 2021 due to the coronavirus situation. Fin5 2021 Orienteering Week will be held from 11 to 16 July 2021 in Posio and Kuusamo. Originally, Fin5 Orienteering Week was scheduled for July 5-10, 2020.

Your registration will automatically move to 2021.

If you do not want to participate in Fin5 2021 Orienteering Week, we will refund the participation fee already paid. According to the guidelines of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (Sport Rules), we charge a handling fee of 5 € / day of competition / participant for the participation fee for canceled registration in the event of a transfer.

If you have paid for your participation with a sports or cultural benefit, we cannot refund the payment according to the instructions of the Tax Administration. In this case, we recommend postponing participation to 2021.

If you cancel your participation, please provide the following information by e-mail Name, series, Bank Account IBAN number (FI…) and beneficiary.

If your series changes due to your age for 2021, please notify the series change by e-mail In this case, if the transfer is to a more expensive series, then we will retain the original participation fee already paid.

In other cases of change, we will follow the cancellation and change conditions of the event.

Please note that registration is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

For accommodation bookings, please contact the accommodation companies directly. They have the capacity to carry over reservations by one year, although this is behind company-specific decisions.

We still apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation / transfer of the orienteering week and hope for health and the enthusiasm of orienteering for this exceptional time.

See you next year. We know that you will enjoy the magnificent orienteering landscapes of Posio and Kuusamo!

Fin5 Orienteering week Regards, Fin5 2020 organizing organization

Additional information:
Secretary General Seppo Linjakumpu, tel. +358 400 706 433,